About Us

Sans Souci literally means “ no worries” or “ careless”. Actually, we are full of care while trying to select those draught or bottle beers we think suitable to satisfy and whet our customers, being they regular or not.

Beer is not only a drink

but a real passion which leads us to explore such an interesting wide and varied world throughly. In fact, we think that improving our beer culture will allow us to arouse our customers’ passion and better advise them.

Moreover, we paid great attention to both the design and the building of the premises to find the best solutions to store, to preserve and to serve this exceptional product: the storage and the conservation of the barrels and of the bottles take place in a cold store at controlled temperature. Each beer is treated according to its features of maturation and serving temperature.


Our Alehouse belongs to Club Chimay Dorée.

The distribution of the prestigious Chimay Dorée led to the birth of its club; In fact, the monks of Abbaye de Scourmont producing beer, export only a small part in the world (1 out of 180). Inside the adherents, you can enjoy exclusive Chimay Dorée on the plug, in addition to the range of other bottled beers in Chimay. All Club premises have been selected according to strict quality criteria of the beer service, making them the real cradles of Belgian brassic culture in Italy.

Birreria & Brasserie Sans Souci

The Brasserie Sans Souci  is located on the central street of Champoluc 300 meters from the ski lifts.